• Nancy Hogan Depew

Being Open to Continuous Learning

I absolutely LOVE teaching Reiki. My background is such that professionally, I have always been in a training or facilitating position. Sharing information, providing anecdotes from my own experiences, providing a base from which students may launch into further research and studies - it is all so meaningful and filling for me. It is also the very best way that I can be open to learning and benefiting from the experiences of others.

We all have our own, specific views on everything - formed and shaped by our assumptions, experiences, acceptance of information, and personal history. When I teach a Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 class, while I am providing basics and basis, I am open to everything shared with me by my students. This is a fascinating exchange, and has benefited me in my personal course, as well as made my teaching style much more collaborative and comfortable for those that study with me.

Soon, I will be teaching my first Master level Reiki class and I am absolutely thrilled with all that I will learn! My preparation has been nothing short of enlightening - gathering materials and writing my manual to share with my students, forming the actual course in a way that is logical and uniquely mine, and most importantly - being open to continuous learning myself!

It is an incredible honor to be selected as a Reiki teacher. This is something that will forever bond teacher to student, student to teacher, and it is imperative that both be open to everything the learning experience has to offer. The gift of continuous learning is most precious! It is also enduring, and should last a lifetime! Whatever you teach, whether it be life lessons to your children or other family members, a new technique to staff, a recipe to your spouse - please be open to what you can learn in the process! The beautiful give and take that is life can be found in every lesson!

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