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Self-Care Is So Important!

As a Reiki Master-Teacher, it is my greatest joy to share the beautiful gift that is Reiki with others. What is just as important, maybe even more so, is the time I take to ensure that I am filled up, so that I may be ready to serve at any moment. Self-care is extremely important, yet so easy to overlook! Here, I will share my tips for incorporating some Reiki-infused loving gestures for yourself, everyday!

Wake up with gratitude

I dislike the blasting alarm that breaks my peaceful slumber just as much as anyone! To combat my morning grumbles, I throw my legs over the side of the bed and remain sitting while simply saying, "Thank You" three times. This centers me and gets me into a smiling state, despite the early hour. This takes mere moments, and is a simple way to care for yourself first thing.

Moments in Solitude = Opportunities for Self-Care

I set my intention for the day in the shower, opening my mind to whatever opportunities await. Additionally, I make sure to take some time to literally shower myself with Reiki. We will revisit this topic in a future blog about neutralizing workplace negativity; for now, let's steal some more moments for self-care!

While commuting, turn down the talk or music and offer yourself the time and space to speak pertinent affirmations aloud. This is multi-tasking with a purpose! While it is important to be mindful of your driving responsibilities, allowing yourself some kindness with spoken word can be very beneficial. "I am mindful of my surroundings at all times!"

Take some time, especially if you are anticipating a stress-inducing hurdle (parent-teacher conference, meeting, project, etc), to give yourself even minutes of self-Reiki. Let it flow, and let it go!

Get back to basics - simply reciting the Reiki Precepts to yourself will give you some much needed refueling!

Schedule time for providing yourself full self-Reiki sessions. By actually scheduling the time to do so and giving that appointment full respect and not treating it as optional, you may begin to focus more attention to self-care.

Nothing takes the place of receiving Reiki from another practitioner - make sure to schedule some time on a table monthly to keep yourself filled up! Community Reiki shares are wonderful for this, or find another practitioner and work out an exchange schedule.

Make Self-Care a Priority

It takes a conscious effort to dedicate time to self-care, and for many Reiki Practitioners, this is the most difficult part. With some prioritization and practice, however - it can become more natural and effortless to take care of yourself SO THAT you can take care of others!

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